Marewares MareCups are 100% plant-based pure, paper cups perfect for use with hot beverages. Marewares MareCupes are marine biodegradable, computable, and non-coated beverage paper cups (no harmful wax). The insulated cup works particularly well for hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other steamy sippable drinks. Servers, restaurants, coffee shops and customers alike will all appreciate Marewares cup’s sturdy, easy-to-hold design. Our Marewares paper cups are a great choice for to-go orders, cafes, food trucks, special events, and other types of beverage service needs. When finished, our cups can be simply disposed of and will biodegrade rapidly on their own. Our plant-based cups are a truly elevated sustainable drinking experience – quick & hassle-free.

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  • PLANT-BASED MATERIALS: Plant-based beverage cup that is made of natural pulp and fiber which makes it marine biodegradable, compostable, fully recyclable, with a hassle free disposal without harming the environment.
  • 100% WAX-FREE: The paper cup on the market without using any PE, PLA bio-plastic, or wax coating.
  • MARINE BIODEGRADABLE: Made from plants that can be easily regenerated. Since we are Marine biodegradable without any supportive inner lining, the contents in your cups have to be consumed within 2 hours as the liquids will naturally start breaking down the cups.
  • MULTI-USE: Ideal for offices, events and home parties, quick service food operations, and coffee shops
  • NOT MICROWAVEABLE: Please do not microwave as microwaving will speed up the breakdown process since it has no coating or lining inside the cup.

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