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We believe in building a better tomorrow and advocating for marine life preservation.

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Have you ever wondered about the future of the paper beverage cups that we toss away? A large majority end up in landfills slowly breaking down in a long process that will take over one hundred years to fully biodegrade.The conventional paper beverage cups in the mass market today contain a plastic coating or lining inside to prevent liquids from leaking out. These cups with plastic lining end up in the ocean and cause irreversible pollution to the ocean and marine life.

Here at Marewares, we set out to break these wasteful trends. Through boundless research, we have developed a game changing plant-based beverage cup that is 100% made of natural pulp and fiber. This makes MareCup the world’s greenest beverage cup - without any coating, lining, or plastic. At the end of this cycle, our MareCup become edible botanical particles to serve as food for marine life.

Join us in this revolutionary movement and feed our ocean the right way!


Print your own marketing messages on the cups to promote your company and help save the environment at the same time.

Would you like to help our ocean by creating your own brand of marine biodegradable cups? At Marewares, our in house team of designers specializes in helping you create your very own "world's greenest cup" that is marine biodegradable.

Our oceans need your help

Promote ocean conservation and environmentally-friendly habits by choosing MareCup

Green solutions

Our innovative patent pending technology uses all natural materials that dissolve in the ocean. Leaving no waste behind.

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Creative Solutions

Let our team of marketers and designers create a unique design that resonates with your brand.

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