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We are proud to bring to you the world’s greenest charcoal made from 100% natural cassava root.

Green Charcoal


Not only is this good news for the environment, but it also ensures flame-, smoke- and odorless burning. The result is healthier, deliciously roasted and much better tasting food. Our briquets are not only ECO-friendly, they are taste bud-friendly and help preserve the natural health benefits and flavors of the food.

Based on our high quality carbon granulate from carbonized coconut shells our BBQ briquets offer a superior green alternative to regular wood charcoal and fossilized coal.

Coconuts are also regenerative so no trees are cut down in the process.

Coconut And The Environment

The use of coconut shells offers a sustainable, fully renewable and highly eco-friendly alternative to regular wood charcoal and fossilized coal as it is a reclaimed product from the coconut production process.

Harvesting coconuts does in other words not put any strain on the environment – on the contrary it eliminates the need for the cutting down of trees to produce traditional charcoal. As such it is instrumental in improving the overall state of the environment.


Unlike average grocery store charcoal, coconut charcoal burns hotter and longer so you can cook more with less.


Coconut contains no chemicals or fillers to reduce the amount of smoke and ash.. even smells like toasted coconut on startup.


Made with all natural coconut shells and tapioca starch in order to reduce waste and be environmentally green.

Quality And Consistency

Discover Why

To guarantee the highest possible quality, safety and burning duration, we perform three types of tests for our products – three times every day:

The first is an analysis of the smoke, carbon, moisture, volatile matters and ash residues to ensure that the result is in compliance with standards as defined by EN-1860-2.

The second is the T-180 test and based on parameters set by the Danish FORCE Technology. It is a burning and heat test that has been devised to determine for how long the charcoal holds a constant temperature of +180° C, the optimal temperature for continuous cooking on the grill.

The third test is a ‘Self Heating’ test to ensure the briquets cannot self-ignite, either during the shipping process, in retail warehouses, shops or at the homes of end consumers.


Plant-based Cocobriq BBQ briquettes are the far superior alternative to traditional wood-based charcoal

Longer Burn Time

Our briquets are high-density (compacted) with no chemicals. This gives a longer and more consistent burning time than traditional wood based charcoal.

High Quality

To guarantee the highest possible quality, safety and burning duration, we perform three types of tests for our products – three times every day.


All Natural Coconut Shell BBQ Charcoal
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